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POWER presentation

This course focuses on important criteria of public speaking and presentations

Executives today make at least 100 presentations a year, some major and minor ones. In each case, the key to a convincing presentation is practice, well-structured arguments and assertions.


Mini lectures, group discussions, simulations, practical sessions that will be taped and analysed.

For Whom:

All executives, managers and professional staff.

Class Size:

15 to 20 per session


3 days

This program will bring participants to explore the various areas of persuasion beyond just a standard prepared presentation.

  1. Eliminating fear of Public Speaking.
  2. Handling Ad-Hoc Presentations
  3. (The 6 tools of Thinking on your feet).
  4. Planning and organizing ideas
  5. (The three point triangle).
  6. Assessing the audience.
  7. Creating instant rapport and influencing skill.
  8. Using presentation aids.
  9. The planned presentations.
  10. Mechanics of effective delivery.
  11. The use of pronunciation , articulation , clarity.
  12. Pause, pitch and fluency.
  13. Improvement of speech and voice.
  14. Techniques of relaxation.
  15. The use of non-verbal communication.
  1. Project voice with impact.
  2. Develop total confidence.
  3. Use correct intonation and identify problems related to indistinct speech.
  4. Create instant rapport with audience.
  5. Use of humor to deliver messages.
  6. Design speeches to meet target audience.
  7. Use body language, visual aids and voice projection to communicate ideas across clearly.