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Leader’s Track

With leadership, as with many things in life, experience is the best teacher. Most leaders learn what to do by trying it themselves or by watching others. The problem is that not all of what’s done or observed is appropriate.

It’s also important to understand that leadership is not a personality, it’s the behaviours they exhibit on a daily basis. An observable set of skills and abilities. So it’s important for you to base your leadership practices on proven leadership behaviours that are easily modelled as it will point you in the right direction when stepping up your skills as a leader.

Once those behaviours have been permanently engrained in a leader, even as organisations try to meet the demands of complex, global markets that seems to be constantly changing, they will always be in possession an intangible set of knowledge that keeps them flexible to changes, find opportunities in the status quo, foster collaboration and inspire others.


Leader’s Track will use a combination of mini lectures, games and extensive outdoor activities.

For Whom:

Designed for anyone who wants to increase their awareness of leadership and its characteristics, to improve their personal and organizational leadership skills, and to build their self-confidence as a leader.

Class Size:

Preferably 20 persons


3 days