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HANDS on coach

Hands-on Coach explores vital skills practiced by extraordinary coaches to increase people performance.

The skills are easily learned, practiced and gained to improve their work performance. It addresses the concept of self and interpersonal mastery. It delves deep into really knowing oneself, the bedrock of great coaches.


Hands-on Coach will use a combination of mini lectures, games, video presentation, group and individual assignments/activities.

For Whom:

Managers, supervisors, line leaders and anyone who is curious and wants to learn the intimate details on how to be a hands-on coach.

Class Size:

20 – 25 persons


2 to 3 days

Hands-on Coach explores pertinent skills practiced by extraordinary coaches. The skills are easily learned practices and behaviors which coaches can adopt to improve their work performance. Hands-on Coach addresses the concept of self and interpersonal mastery.

  1. Analyzing Self – The Wheel of Fortune
  2. Motivating for Higher Performance
  3. Managing Performance
  4. Coaching and Counseling
  5. Delegating Vs. Dumping
  6. Road Map to Empowerment
  7. Communicating to get the job done
  8. Humor at work
  9. Managing Conflict
  10. Managing Stress
  1. Know their personal profile and develop an action to counter any weaknesses
  2. Inspire and motivate employees to increase work performance
  3. Manage employee performance fairly
  4. Coach staff using techniques for skills development
  5. Counsel staff to improve poor performance
  6. Delegate effectively using practical techniques and workable formats
  7. Prepare road map to empower staff
  8. Communicate clearly to get work done
  9. Use humor at work to liven the workplace
  10. Manage, reduce conflict through usage of structured steps & participatory
  11. Discipline employees fairly and reduce disciplinary problems
  12. Create a positive work environment