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Communication Skills

  • Communicate well in business conversations, interviews, and give presentations with total confidence.
  • Revisit the basics of English grammar, technical English for the workplace and the essentials of writing reports and emails in English. All with the objective of improving their written and verbal English communication.

Creative and Analytical Thinking Skills

  • To be resourceful and innovative at the work place and solve problems using appropriate management tools which the participants will learn in our program.
  • To apply lateral methods in creativity to encourage the generation of new creative solutions.

Organisational Adaptability

  • To learn and apply various management models and decision making tools which enforces the importance of managing resources well and the wisdom of taking risks and making decisions.
  • Understand the need for performance and competency needs of the organisation and its businesses

Value-Driven Professional

  • To display effective leadership for future success, taking accountability and understand the critical need of adding value.
  • To become a corporate athlete as propagated by Jack Groppel by training themselves physically and mentally as well as being taught on the importance of nutrition and healthy living

Grooming & Etiquette

  • How to create the ideal appearance at all times in the interest of the organisation and how their appearance affects branding.
  • Interviewing skills that will prepare them on how to handle different interviewers, answering difficult questions and how to create a professional resume.

Entrepreneurship 101

  • To create a solid foundation so they will be able to outline and evaluate a business and product idea when they want to run their own business.
  • To understand the different types of business ownership, structures and franchising and business purchasing opportunities.
  • To learn and apply various planning, marketing and sales tools.

Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact

  • To be able to determine the environmental impacts and aspects within an organisation and apply environmental significance standards.
  • To move forward from social responsibility to social impact and have the sustainability mindset.