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Employee Engagement

Create a Fantastic Employee Experience

Building an organisation with strong communities

Employee engagement is the innate commitment an employee has to the organisation and its vision. Across the globe, 71% of employees are not yet fully engaged, leading to a loss of around $11 billion in employee turnover. The key aspect to employee engagement is enabling employees to strive towards a clear goal. In order to increase performance, people need to know where they place in the company and how they can take a step closer towards achieving the company’s goals. This provides a clear aim for the workforce and allows leaders to make better, more informed choices.

Corporations driven by engaged employees will without fail, perform better than their competitors. A high-performing workforce is necessary to remain competitive, even survive. Developing programs to raise levels of employee engagement must be intentional, have meaning, purpose based on survey results.

2 Key Drivers Workplace Performance

High performing organisations need to focus on two main criterion when dealing with employee
engagement; Employees engagement with the organisation and their engagement with their

Organisation Factors

Corporate Framework

Does your organisation embed and practice these key values such as trust, fairness and respect?
Do they include policies and procedures that keep the employee’s best interest at heart?

Vision Alignment

Do your employees clearly understand and share the company’s vision and goals? How they can help
contribute to the company’s development and success.

Leadership Factors

Cooperation and Communication

Are your leaders able to inspire employees to be at their best? Can they build a safe environment
and bridge relationships between one another to form a collaborative team?

Proficiency and Performance

Do your leaders possess the competency required of them in their roles as leaders? Can they
hold their team responsible for the delivery of maximum performance? At the end of the day, are they
able to achieve their key performance deliverables?

This employee engagement surveys have been developed specifically to measure the following:

Research Based Employee Engagement Questions

Our survey was thoughtfully constructed to ensure we ask the best employee engagement questions so that we can obtain the most accurate assessment of engagement in the organisation. The objective was to put together the most relevant set questions so that we can stop the guessing game and turn the data into intelligence. All 14 categories measured will provide employers with the most comprehensive report regarding their organisation and their employees.

What’s Included?

Mobile Friendly Survey

This employee engagement survey can be done on desktops as well as through mobile. Making it convenient and easy for everyone to answer their surveys, anywhere and anytime.

100% Confidential

All data responses will be protected at all times and will be treated with the upmost anonymity and confidentiality.

Post Survey Assistance

We will provide detailed survey interpretations, presentations and an action planning session moving forward. We will recognise critical areas of improvement and prioritise a strategy that addressed the pain points whilst leveraging on your identified strengths.

Comprehensive Analysis

The EES final report will include a demographics analysis, the employee engagement score, engagement across the industry, and a customisable open ended question analysis.

Benchmarking Analysis

Employee engagement surveys are developed and statistically validated to rely on benchmarks to determine whether an organisation’s scores are high or low in comparison to their competitors. Benchmarking better helps you understand which areas of engagement are you lacking in relation of other organisations in the industry. 

It gives you a guideline setting ultra-precise strategies that can make you more competitive, grow faster and be more successful. Do it well enough and over time, you will be able to establish a strong employer brand who not only thrives internally, but stand out as an industry leader.