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Today’s organizations compete at every facet of business and the only differentiating factor that significantly impacts the bottom line is the level of customer service accorded to the customers. Thus, there needs to be a unique service culture in organizations to create a truly winning culture addressing customers.

DARTS or Developing the Art of Total Service is an exciting customer service program addressing the very core of providing excellent service. Customer satisfaction and loyalty are words related to the human emotions. Thus, this program focuses skills in Emotional Intelligence to allow participants to read the customers’ emotions and lead them towards satisfaction in all interactions; the ability to manage what really counts – the moments of truth.


Lectures, discussions, team projects, individual exercises and role-plays. Videos will be used where appropriate to enhance learning.

For Whom:

Everyone especially customer service personnal.

Class Size:

25 persons


1, 2 or 3 days depending on departmental needs