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Communication skills are one of the most crucial competency that company executives and managers need to acquire.

In fact, in the corporate environment, only those with the ability to communicate succinctly, powerfully and with the greatest impact gets noticed and gets things done.


This program will use the following methods to carry the lessons across Mini Lectures, Self Tests, Self Discovery, Modeling Technique, Simulations / Management Activities and Group Discussions.

For Whom:

Executives and below.

Class Size:

15 to 20 per session


3 days

This workshop is designed based on our work with literally thousands of executives and managers in this country and the understanding of their growing concerns with the current workforce. We have developed a powerful program to address the critical areas of communication in dealing with people from all levels.

  1. Knowing your communication style
  2. Understanding the communication process
  3. Communication bloopers
  4. Building vocal self confidence
  5. The 10 ways we listen
  6. Powerful language Vs. Weak language
  7. Building instant and impactful rapport
  8. Adding style to your conversation
  9. Thinking on your feet
  10. Influencing methodologies
  11. Getting quick agreement
  12. Communication and emotional intelligence
  13. Communication in giving information
  14. Communication in adverse environments
  15. Communication in managing crisis
  16. Assertiveness – Being firm and friendly
  17. Conflict styles and strategies
  18. Developing your personal strategies in communication
  19. Giving and receiving criticism
  1. Self confidence in communication
  2. Self assessment in their communication efficiency
  3. Awareness of the available influencing tools in communication
  4. An action plan of what to do after the program to hone their skills further
  5. Practical application of the various advanced techniques
  6. Develop powerful styles in communication