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Research suggests there are traits shared by successful sales professionals that help them to go above and beyond in closing deals and making large commissions. Besides a heart warming smile or a tight gripped handshake, these are some of the traits that could make you a top notch sales person!

1. BE PASSIONATE! (Believe in your product!)

Learn to love your job and believe in your product or service. Your clients can feel and reciprocate the energy you emit. Challenge yourself and best every obstacle that comes your way.

2. BE TENACIOUS (Never give up!)

The key to sales is perseverance. It is your job to convince potential clients of the quality of your product! Don’t slack, and power through.

3. BE PATIENT (Do not rush!)

You’re not just selling a gym membership, you’re selling a way of life. That requires a lot of money, time and energy spent into building that life. Take your time, a good investment will go a long way. It is important for you to do research on your product and be patient with your customers.


You’re on time if you’re early, you’re late if you’re on time. Clients appreciate the simple gestures such as making good time and preparing documents beforehand. It’s the simple things that makes good salesmanship.

5. BE ASSERTIVE (Make your mark!)

One of the most important traits of a good salesman is to be assertive and engaging. Be a trusted friend to your customer but at the end of the day, remember that you’re selling a product. Assert yourself and simply ask for the deal. There are no shortcuts.